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Available countries: Asia, Oceania (Australia), Europe, United States, Canada, Central America, South America, Africa.

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Shipping charge

The costs are calculated based on package weight of the items.
Chunghwa Post Air Delivery Express Shipment
S.F. Express Delivery Shipment
※ Actual delivery costs are subject to change.
※ Overseas customer may have to pay taxes for shipping. These are set by the destination country.



Overseas member discount has same deals as Taiwan member.


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Shipping is available within the Chunghwa Post Air Delivery Express
S.F. Express is available to Hong Kong and Macau customers.

※ Notice:
- Depends on the charge of air delivery, we do not accept returns or exchanges for international order.
- We are caring about every product. Under the rigid management, hope every customers will be totally satisfied with your purchase.
- If you received any damage item, we’d be happy to help fix the problem. Please return the package
of Chunghwa Post Air Delivery or S.F. Express. QUEEN SHOP will pay the nonrefundable shipping costs for your return.
Damage service is only for International shipping.


*Since overseas orders are examined by dedicated personnel in detail, such orders shall be mailed on the day after the products are delivered (ex: If the products are delivered on June 11, the order shall then be mailed out on June 12).

Thanks to our meticulous and attentive delivery process, your order will be delivered to you safe and sound.

Process Order Inspection First Phase of Quality Inspection Second Phase of Quality Inspection Delivery Cargo Warehousing & Distribution Member
Content Once all the ordered products are prepared, the delivery department shall check each product listed in the order form against the air cargo form. Dedicated personnel shall inspect the completeness of each product (ensuring that it is free of damage, defects, and stains, as well as whether the code & size are correct.) Verify product code, quantity, and the recipient’s information. Air Delivery Designated overseas distribution center or post office. The ordered products are delivered to the address designated by the recipient.