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Can a consolidated order be mailed all at once? No. The single air freight of overseas members is collected in advance, so a consolidated order will affect the freight-weight calculation. This is the main reason why doing so is not allowed.

Can products be returned? Overseas air parcel delivery is quite time-consuming, and overseas product returns are quite complicated. Therefore, we do not provide overseas members with product return services. If an overseas member wants to return a product for any reason, he/she shall be responsible for all the freight charges that derive from the product return. Product refunds will be in the form of a promotional discount that can be used toward the member’s next purchase.

What can I do if I receive a defective product? Please send an e-mail with a photo of the defective product to our overseas e-mail address at After confirming that the product you received was in fact a defective product, we will initially ask you to pay the air freight to return the package via SF Express or International Parcel Post of Chunghwa Post. Upon receiving the returned package, we will return the air freight to you (with a maximum postage allowance of NT$120). This form of product return service is for overseas members only.

Can split orders be mailed separately? Due to advanced freight collection, we cannot provide overseas members with order splitting services. We will prepare all the products listed in the order form before mailing them all at once.

Will the product I ordered be a perfect fit for me? Since each one of us has a different body shape and proportions, we recommend that you first measure your usual clothing to compare your measurements with the sizes listed in the catalog.

Why has my order been canceled? Since your payment failed to be made within 7 days after swiping your credit card through the card reader to pay for your order, the system has automatically cancelled your order.

Why is the product that I just purchased yesterday selling at a lower price today? In accordance with our occasional promotional programs and thematic promotional programs, some of our products are sold at varying prices at different stages. Considered a normal price adjustment, we do not compensate customers for such changes in price. Furthermore, we provide clear explanations of our product prices, discount offers, and promotional activities on our activity page, which shall become invalid once the promotional activity is over. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

How can I check on the product delivery progress? Enter your account number at the "member login"→Gain access to "account inquiry/order inquiry/order code"→Check product delivery and reception progress in order to view the delivery status of your order.

Are there any issues with tariffs? 1. Each country has its own set of laws and regulations regarding import tariffs. When the products arrives at the importing country, said country’s customs will verify the tariff based on the type and value of such products, regardless of the method with which they are sent.
2. According to the laws and regulations of the importing country, all relevant expenses, including import duties, value-added tax, customer clearance fee, postage, etc., may be levied at your own expense.
3. If the consignee fails to pay the customs fee, causing the cargo to be returned to QUEENSHOP, you shall assume responsibility for all freight fees derived from both the product delivery and product return.
4. QUEENSHOP shall not be liable for any delays in product delivery due to customs clearance procedures or problems.
5. QUEENSHOP does not issue certificates of origin, export visas, or other relevant export certificates for the ordered products.


Once items are added to the shopping cart but are not yet paid for, there is no way to ensure the inventory of such products. The inventory allocation of products is based on the payment sequence.

How to Take Measurements

Payment Method

Online Credit Card
VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards of all banks with 3D network authentication are accepted (AMERICAN EXPRESS and CITIBANK DINERS CLUB shall not be accepted).

Electronic Invoice

All orders will be issued a "zero-tax-rate" invoice, which we will submit to the National Taxation Bureau for future reference. Therefore, the order will not have an invoice attached, and the delivery order shall be considered the proof of purchase.

Delivery Method and Freight Calculation

The package weight and volume are used to calculate any fees.
General Freight List of International Parcel Post of Chunghwa Post
SF Express Freight Inquiry

The aforementioned links are for reference only. Since each delivery company adjusts its freight calculation method from time to time, freight displayed at the checkout shall be taken as the standard. Due to different import tariff standards in different countries, the buyer shall be liable for paying the tariff required by the importing country upon receiving the package.